Closing Party: Gnawa Trance Fusion + S!nk

Closing Party: Gnawa Trance Fusion + S!nk

Pianodrome Live

Sunday 26 August, 7pm

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Moroccan Sufi praise music combines with Afro-funk and blues in a meeting of healing and celebration. Gnawa music has a well-preserved heritage of ritual poetry with traditional music and dancing. Performed at Lilas, entire communal nights of healing and celebration, this West African influenced music is guided by a master musician (maalem) playing a 3 stringed bass-lute or guembri (Omar Afif). Accompanied by Djembe/Endongo (Andy Cooke), Saxophone (Steve Kettley), Cajon/castanets/dance (Susi Alvorez, Beti Mencal). Gnawa Trance Fusion create an irresistible musical experience - an invitation to move your body and soul.

With S!nk in the room and ears to listen ecstatic music emerges. Challenging Edinburgh's cultural underground since they formed eight years ago, S!nk are the cultural pioneers who have built their very own bespoke venue, the #pianodrome.

Through improvisation, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, S!nk create new sonic horizons - whirlpools of sound will hold you by the mind and spin you. A mixture of written tunes and spontaneous compositions embrace the moment, arising at the edge of time.

'Your life will be enhanced' (Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3).

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