Something Smashing

Something Smashing

Pianodrome Live

Thursday 23 August, 7pm

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Something Smashing is a night of exuberant dance and music performance curated monthly by Alma Lindenhovius, Skye Reynolds and Graeme Wilson. Inviting some of Scotland’s most imaginative artists to share improvisation as a tool for creation in the here and now, these spontaneous encounters push artists beyond the everyday making each performance a fount of surprises. For this Fringe edition expect unpredictable and dynamic sets of live performance as Something Smashing regulars interact with Pianodrome’s unique sound-making environment.

Dancers: Jack Anderson, Suzi Cunningham, Corrie McKenzie, Chris Devaney, Emma Snellgrove, Skye Reynolds, Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti

Musicians: Nicky Haire, Ceylan Hay, Chris Lyons, Dave Murray-Rust, Daniel Padden, Graeme Wilson, Russell Wimbish.

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