Highland Story Quilts

Join us at the Pianodrome for stories and music from the world beyond the city walls, the lands of nature and the supernatural. Lizzie McDougall and her daughter Siannie Moodie travel around Scotland telling the old tales through story and song, recently playing at Cawdor Castle, Fingask Castle and Belladrum Festival.

With Lizzie’s stunning Highland Story Quilts, and Siannie’s enchanting clarsach, they have weaved together their “Ceilidh of Dreams,” drawing on the traditional ceilidh of storytelling, song and even dance! For this special Pianodrome performance they will be joined by a trio Siannie performs with, The Outland Trio.

It is a match made in heaven with Nick Jenkins on the fiddle and Sam Gillespie on voice, wooden flute and guitar, who together create a magic that leads us deeper into hidden worlds.

Let’s connect with the land and with each other through story, song and dance at the Pianodrome this Tuesday, suitable for all!Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a singing workshop? Is it a game? In this hour, we’ll bring the unique Pianodrome amphitheatre alive with everybody’s voices! We’ll warm everybody into using their voices (regardless of previous experience) and invite you to join us for musical games to create whatever it is we create all together with our voices.

Some call it music, some call it magic, it’s all the same!


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Entry to the space is free. But please consider donating £5-10, all of which goes to the Pianodrome to cover our considerable running costs.


August 20 @ 15:00
15:00 — 16:00 (1h)

Free drop in