I Piano

The piano has lost its music! But a little girl wants to help the piano find it again. Together they set off on a magical adventure …

They travel the world, meeting dancing dinos and monks on scooters, and exploring everything from Beethoven to boogie-woogie, but will they find music? Can you help?

I Piano is a family show that combines thrilling drama with virtuoso piano playing, and spellbinding shadow puppetry with audience interaction!

‘deserves a medal’ – The Times on Dom Harlan’s work, THE PIANO

‘brimming with simple brilliance’ – Total Theatre on Rachel Warr’s work, THE DIRECTOR

‘full of humour and sparkling performances’ – The Wire on Adrian Hornsby’s work, THE WRITER (also winner of a ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Fringe award for ‘Pianologues’ with Will Pickvance)

‘How does she makes pieces of paper come to life like that?!’ – All of us on Teele Uustani, THE LITTLE GIRL

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August 10 @ 15:00
15:00 — 16:00 (1h)

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