Lydia Bennett

In this performance, Lydia Bennett will be exploring her North East English and New Zealand roots through performing her original pieces, utilising the beautiful space that is the Pianodrome to find and create new meanings within them.

She will also be playing alongside the vibrant Stockbridge Rendez-Vous for part of the set, a newly formed Edinburgh based Swing band, bringing some beautiful pieces that have been written by members of the band Thomas Guerneve and Jim Hawker.

About the artist

Lydia Bennett tells stories through song with melodies that aim to bring an audible hug, and a chance to slow down.

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Entry to the space is free. But please consider donating £5-10, all of which goes to the Pianodrome to cover our considerable running costs.


August 18 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)

Free drop in