Pianodrome Live // S!nk + Paddy Steer

Over 10 years I have witnessed Paddy Steer develop his alien avatar in the most difficult of nightclub and festival circumstances. It’s a synthesiser show that is so far away from kling klang clinicalism and the haughty air of the modular meet.
On the surface it is a pound shop space program. A one man Mercury capsule born of and attempting escape velocity from the derelict high street of Cash Converters, Maplins, abandoned antiques, yam, export & sari shops.

People are drawn in by Paddy’s glowing pantomime. He could be a time traveller from a Victorian night garden with his gas powered calliope or a future Arkestra Brundle Fly with ten Hindu arms. He’s out of time, out of place, quantum now and out of space!
Freeze one stacked second and see how many sounds and spaces are being juggled from the bearded brain in the bone case in the cardboard box with the battery watery eyes. In performance after the false starts and furniture adjustments, without fail I‘ve seen the casual listener fall into Paddy’s magic tar pit. The music is hellishly funk driven as if Larry Graham and Carl Stalling had a love child. Fat primary colours from the bass synths, grubby afro charcoal drums go down wires to lava bubble bursts. Every limb is attached with some kind of electric shaker, there is indeed a whole lot of shaking going on! The top synths are melodically mental, a tapestry of royal fanfares and stacked harmony that reflects the density of his hand wired world. Audiences just surrender or leave, too much data!

Heads are mashed, shapes are thrown in tangled dancing as our Alien jerks the strings. This new record is an attempt to get a version of his remarkable one man show down on wax before common sense blows it away in the wind. There are now various scrapped versions of this record lying around. Paddy has had to take himself out of the comfort zone of his own Trap Door studio and set this down with the medium of tape and performance rather than construction. Primary colours must glow and total body music must be as joined up handwriting.

In the Instagram world of everyday amazing confections this recording is thick with craft, a true and remarkable achievement.
This will age beautifully.

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#Pianodrome Live is our flagship evening show hosted by S!nk, the creators of the Pianodrome, and featuring a different special guest each night. An unforgettable evening of inspired live music in an exceptional setting.


August 1 @ 19:00
19:00 — 22:00 (3h)

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