Resonancy Platform | Glesgadelic

Glesgadelic is a rapper and producer with an observant and unique perspective. First on the scene in 2015 he has since performed with the likes of Loki, Steg G and The Girobabies. Glesgadelic is about to drop his second album, from which he will be performing new songs, some for the first time ever. Expect creative and critical pure pun-packed lyrics, socially-relevant storytelling and a highly energetic performance over gritty electronic hip-hop instrumentals.


Pianodrome are proud to announce that Glesgadelic in collaboration with Auditorium Springburn and Glasgow Piano City have recently been awarded funding by Glasgow City Council to complete a swoop of upcycled Piano seating for 60 people in a hangar in Springburn Park, Glasgow scheduled to open March 2020.


Suggested donation £5. Proceeds go towards keeping Pianodrome Playing!

Cash bar available.


December 6 @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)