RESONATOR | Piano Bonanza | Make your own Xmas decoration out of Piano parts!

Come one and all for an environmentally conscious Christmas afternoon of piano themed abandon!

Families Welcome

1pm Piano Dissection Workshop 1: Kids of all ages (5-15) will be given screwdrivers and shown how to safely pull apart the action of a discarded piano. Then we will make christmas decorations to take home out of the piano hammers and parts!

2pm Incredible improvising pianist from Leeds Matt Bourne will make amazing music using parts of the Piano you would never imagine.

3pm Piano Dissection workshop 2: Try your hand at dismantling a piano yourself – we’ll see what you can create from the bits recovered from these incredible musical machines. Take your upcycled creations home with you to decorate your tree or gift to your family and friends.

4pm Edinburgh’s own Reverse Engineer (Dave House) will sample the sounds of live piano dismantlement and turn them into music before your very ears.


There will be a bar with Tea/Coffee/Mulled Wine

Tickets £8.80/£4.40


December 7 @ 13:00
13:00 — 17:00 (4h)

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