Róisín O’Brien

A work in progress, Róisín and the dancers are exploring different ways for audiences to get closer to ballet. In both the open-rehearsal and performance, they will be collaborating with Pianodrome house band S!nk.
During the performance, audience members can watch from seats, or walk through the pathways laid out on the stage. They can even do both, as the dancers will repeat the semi-improvised dance twice, allowing the audience to view the piece from as many angles as possible. Developed during residencies at Citymoves and Dance Base.

About the artist

Róisín is a dance writer and artist based in Edinburgh.

Her work has been shown at: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Dance Base’s ‘Heads Up’ Showcase, Resolution (London), Hidden Door and various Scratch Nights (Only Skin, Summerhall).

OPEN REHERSAL: Tue 20 Aug @ 11 am

Entry to the space is free. But please consider donating £5-10, all of which goes to the Pianodrome to cover our considerable running costs.


August 20 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)

Free drop in