Scottish Jazz and Beyond: Graeme Stephen’s The River

Contemporary piece for traditional fiddler and jazz trio.

The River is an unstoppable force bringing life to the land and to those who live in and around it. As we rise and fall, the river endures, rolling on from source to sea and back again.

Aberdonian composer and jazz guitarist Graeme Stephen revisited childhood haunts with a walking and camping trip along The Dee with his father and brother as source material for this piece commissioned by the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival in 2017. But the piece relates to all rivers, runs, burns, becks, creeks, streams, estuaries and deltas wherever they may be in the world.

Rivers are part of the hydrological cycle that is essential to life on earth. In unsettled times focusing on man’s universal origins is a timely reminder of our basic equality, and indeed mortality.

Graeme Stephen’s The River unites the composer with one of Scottish folk music’s most electric talents.

Chris Stout has been described as “clear and strong…always a startling freshness and spontaneity at work…virtuosic and physically engaging…” ***** The Herald and is without doubt a most ambitious and accomplished player. It is an inspired pairing.

Joining Stephen and Stout are the composer’s long term collaborators: the exceptional Mario Caribé on double bass and the inimitable Tom Bancroft on drums.

Part of the Made in Scotland showcase.

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August 14 @ 15:00
15:00 — 16:00 (1h)

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