RESONATOR | S!nk ‘Hoy Sound’ release party

Join S!nk , the creators of the Pianodrome, to celebrate the launch of their Hoy Sound EP. As part of the Pianodrome RESONATOR festival, the show will make use of the incredible setting of the Pianodrome in Leith Theatre.

Including live improvisations by S!nk, visuals by Mettje Hunneman and guest performances by Matthew Bourne, the Otkhi Georgian singers, Urban Farm Hand and a live set by the algo-rhythmic electronic maestro The Reverse Engineer.

About the EP

The Hoy Sound EP is a pure improvisation and was recorded on the morning of 27th October 2017 in the extraordinary acoustic of the empty oil tank at the Lyness Naval Base on the Orkney island of Hoy. S!nk spent 5 days with the glorious Georgian singing group Otkhi, double bassist Matt Webb and projection artist Mettje Hunneman creating new work in response to the Island’s unique landmarks and architectural curiosities.

All ticket holders will receive their own free digital download copy of Hoy Sound.


December 7 @ 19:00
19:00 — 01:00 (6h)

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