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The Pianodrome is the world’s first 100-seater amphitheatre constructed entirely from pianos.

We need your help to find a permanent home in Edinburgh.


Built in Summer 2018, we premiered at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, opening in time for the month-long Edinburgh Fringe festival. We’ve hosted over 20,000 visitors since, with appearances in a warehouse and a month-long residency in the Leith Theatre. Now we’re looking for a permanent home, where we can continue to invite the public in to experience the resonance of this achitectural delight, as well as host extraordinary in-the-round performances of all colours and persuasions.

Click here to visit our crowdfunding page: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-pianodrome

Watch our award winning short documentary

‘Instruments in the Architecture: Building the Pianodrome’

This beautifully shot film, created by documentary film makers Melt the Fly, tracks the highs and lows of the construction of the Pianodrome in Summer 2018. It’s a 14-minute masterpiece which has attracted awards from film festivals across the world. You can watch the film straight up here or on vimeo.

The Pianodrome is a radical re-imagining of what the piano is and can be in today’s throw-away culture

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