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Pianodrome at the Leith Theatre

Resonancy | 12th Nov – 8th Dec 2019 | RESONATOR

The world’s first amphitheatre made entirely from pianos is coming home to Leith.
Come and play.

The Pianodrome and the Leith Theatre have so much in common it was as if they were made for each other. They ‘resonate’. The excellent natural accoustic of Leith Theatre’s main auditorium added to the Pianodrome’s sound enhancing properties and our five embedded playable pianos makes for a spectacular surround sound experience that is immersive, engaging, surprising and constantly changing. You are invited to come and play every weekday (except Monday) between 1pm and 5pm free of charge! This is an excellent opportunity to explore the Pianodrome and the Leith Theatre from top to bottom. Play the pianos, sit on the tiered seats made from pianos, watch the flow of people and listen to the evolving multi piano soundscape from high in the gallery. The covers are off the windows and the sunlight is streaming in. We are only here for a month but there is plenty of space so come soon and bring all your friends and family!

Each day at 4pm there will be a free concert as part of our Resonancy Platform. Pianodrome have invited artists and musicians to develop work in and around this special interactive sculpture throughout the month. They will explore connections between their work and this unique structure in this unique space. The Resonancy Platform provides an opportunity for some of this work in progress to be shared with you in a relaxed environment. Families welcome. There will be a bar with hot drinks and other delicious beverages. Since its free you can come back every day!

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Watch our award winning short documentary ‘Instruments in the Architecture: Building the Pianodrome’

Pianodrome is a radical re-imagining of what the piano is and can be in today’s throw-away culture

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